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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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washington university anna gram ear worm. researchers say reading a novel can help and playing a puzzle like sudoku. it won't help if the puzzles are too difficult. researchers say lady gaga's bad romance, carlie generalson's call me maybe and rihanna's sos are some of the easiest songs to get stuck in your head. thank you for ruining the night. prince harry is set to return to the united states vegas is not on the itinerary. number four, cops in moscow are reportedly cracking down on taxis, guys disguised as ambulances. they charge $200 an hour to help customers with traffic. sources in the united states training syrian fighters to join the battle against bashar assad. number two, two teenagers accused of killing a toddler who was in a stroller today made their first appearances before a judge. number one tonight, the supreme court set to hear
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two cases on gay marriage. first up tomorrow, the battle over california's ban on same sex marriage. then on wednesday, a challenge to a federal law that denies benefits to couples who are legally married in their home state and that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in the year 1911 a deadly disaster forever changed the way america treats its workers when a fire broke out in the triangle shirt waist factory in new york city. located on floors of a 10 story building. place was something sort of a sweat shop. mostly young immigrant women came trapped. like many other companies of the time the owners had locked the doors during work hours leaving employee no, sir way to easily escape. all tolled, 146 people died. many of them jumped to their death. it would prompt a series of worker protection laws and regulations. the building still stands today, now part of new york university's campus. but a fire burned a dark
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moment in our nation's history 102 years ago today. now you know the news for this monday, march the 25th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow, noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time when it's "studio b" time. right now it's o'reilly time. and when it's o'reilly time, i mean, you better be off. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> he said everybody write jesus on bold letters. he said everybody put it on the floor. he said stomp on it. >> bill: a college student in florida says he was kicked out of class because he would not disrespect jesus whom he believes is god. and all over the country secular forces are intimidating students. we have a factor investigation. >> the last two presidents could conceivably been put in jail for their drug use. >> bill: senator rand paul wants to decriminalize marijuana. another one of his
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libertarian views. is mr. paul the future of the republican party? karl rove will weigh in. >> the guy had a knife in his back for three years. he must have worked at nbc, too. >> we begin this half hour on a more serious note. >> bill: also, two big stars on nbc under intense fire. jay leno may be fired and matt lauer is getting hammered all over the place. bernie goldberg will have analysis. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight happy passover to jewish viewers around the country and the world. i'm sorry about the frog in my throat this evening. it happens every year around this time. spring allergies or maybe, maybe, it's just god wanting me to be quieter. political corruption on college campuses.
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that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. one of the reasons america is moving to the left and becoming a more secular society is that college and university system is overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly teaching liberal tenets. last november 60% of voters under the age of 30 supported the democratic party a huge number. a study by the universities of british columbia and george mason broke down american university faculties this way. 51% are democrats. 35% are independent. just 14% republican. in fact, some the top donors to president obama last year were colleges. the university of california gave the president a whopping $1,200,000. unbelievable. harvard university almost $700,000. so you can see that american college students are mostly caught in a liberal environment whether they like it or not. enter ryan row rotela a student north of fort
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lauderdale. vine mormon enrolled in a communications class taught by the vice chairman of the democratic party if you can believe it dr. deandre poole has been a democratic activist, an activist for years. yet, is he running that class. and as part of the course, dr. poole apparently ordered his students to disrespect jesus. >> he said everybody write jesus on bold letters so what i did was wrote jesus just like this. afterwards he said everybody put it on the floor. he took it out. put it on the floor and he had us all stand up once we were standing up he said stomped on it that's when i picked up the paper from the floor and put it right back on the table. any time you stomp on something it shows that you believe something has no value. so, if you were to stomp on the word jesus, it says
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that the word has no value. >> bill: ryan rotela was angry about the incident and made his displeasure known. he was removed by the class by florida atlantic university. ryan also faces other charges which will be decided by a student conduct hearing board. ryan rotela has now acquired a lawyer from the liberty institute in texas. this is one big mess. talking points is not going to try the case on television. but, there is no question that many college campuses are becoming radicalized. a few weeks ago the harvard university newspaper actually described me as some kind of conservative reactionary asking if harvard students should be ashamed that i have a degree from that school? if harvard sees me as far right, you can imagine the climate on campus. last november many americans were stunned that president obama won the election despite all the economic chaos but when you understand the liberal indoctrination on college
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campuses, you begin to see how that is contributing to the move left. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from rawght, mary katharineham and juan williams. both fox news analysts. yuan, what do you think about the point that being influenced by college campuses? >> i don't think you are right, bill. i think back to the 60's. i think the college campuses were afire with liberal madness at that point. you know, anive at this war protest. sexual revolution and the like and richard next son won -- nixon won the white house. in the 80's college campuses were very liberal but lots of young people liked ronald reagan answered obviously had two terms in the white house. i guess i disagree with that idea. in fact, on college campuses today i think kids are pretty conservative. >> bill: here is why you are desperately wrong, juan. two wreensz. anti-vietnam was a very narrow cast. and you and i were in college at the time. it was centered on the
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vietnam war. it took a lot of colleges by surprise, the we hem nens of it there wasn't before that a history of left wing faculties. some were, some weren't. now, the very people who were protesting are running the college campuses. many have not eradicated their point of view. university of minnesota had recently put bill ayers, the guy who literally planted bombs in the 1960's on their faculty. >> right. >> bill: on their faculty. >> i try point out to people the ludicrousness of that the actual literal analog unrepentant abortion clinic bomber were teaching humanities course. would we think that was insane? >> bill: it would never happen in a million years in this country. >> local tea party activists was having people stomp on 00 name muhammad, the president himself would
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be denouncing it christian students don't have the right not to be offended they have the right to object to participate in these kind of things. i do think you are right. here is the difference from what juan is is saying. certainly many liberals on campus. now there is liberals often militant and radical ones teachers on those campuses. gotten good at systematically getting students encouraged into liberal activism veins and often sometimes giving them extra credit for getting them involved in democratic politics. that's a little bit more of a direct link. >> bill: wait, i'm surprise with the stats that we just laid out, just 14% of college professors in america are republican, that you don't understand how this now is a machine. and this ryan rotela, this poor kid gets caught up in this machine. he does, he follows his conscience, as he should do and now this kid is in all kinds of trouble? this is insane, juan. you should acknowledge it. >> no. i'm not going to -- first of all let me say in response to mary katharine
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that we have just gone through two very controversial wars, a patriot act that takes away from our civil liberties and there has been zero, zero activity and protest on american campuses. i don't see any liberal crazy campuses. >> that's not true. it stopped when obama became president because they're hypocritical. >> in response to bill, this kid has a legitimate point if he is saying, you know, i'm a devout christian and i have problems in terms of the symbolism, but the point of the entire exercise was to inspire critical thinking by young people. >> bill: oh, bull. i almost said a bad word again. so much bull i can't -- you can do that a million different ways, juan. >> let me finish. i think you have got to get people to be willing to challenge orthodoxies, liberal or conservative. >> bill: i have got to stop you because i'm running out of time. wait, mary katharine. juan, the guy wanted to do that put the prophet
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muhammad on the ground. >> you could. >> bill: you would never do it with a muslim symbol. >> you and i say when that minister burned the koran down in florida? we said what are these muslims doing using that to justify rioting, that's crazy. >> bill: i condemned the minister. here is mary katharine to wrap it up here. >> as soon as they get to a critical discussion where this young man could explain why he thinks there is power in the name of jesus and he doesn't want to do this they get the guy out of class and they don't have a discussion. what they have is democratic -- >> bill: tomorrow we're going to have a resolution to this. run down, senator rand paul, the future of the republican party? he he is a big libertarian guy. karl rove on that next. sider os optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection.
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for over 30 years. and it's now the most doctor recommended, the most preferred and the most studied. so when it comes to getting the most out of your multivitamin, the choice is clear. centrum. >> bill: intak segment tonight. rand paul establishing himself as a referred the republican party even though he holds libertarian
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views. yesterday mr. paul says he wants to decriminalize marijuana. >> look, the last two presidents could conceivably have been put in jail for their drug use. i really think, look what would have happened. it would have ruined their lives. they got lucky but a lot of poor kids, particularly in the inner city don't get lucky. they don't have good attorneys. they go to jail for these things and i think it's a big mistake. >> bill: the question is senator paul the future of the republican party? joining us now from the republican fox news analyst karl rove. so is he? >> he could be part of it. whether do you mean by that is he the presidential nominee. ages to go before the 2016 campaign. >> bill: i don't mean that. i mean his mentality. is he a conservative individual. however, he doesn't want to get involved with the drug war. he doesn't want to intrude overseas. he wants to do a lot of libertarian things. so, that's what i'm looking at more than whether he
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will run -- i know he is going to run for president. his philosophy goes against a lot of conservative principles. >> there is a lot of conservative in the republican party. there are some things, you know, libertarians and economic conservatives are if a n. favor of reforming social security and medicare balancing the budget and reforming taxes there are some things. you touched on one. legalization of drugs. sea co-sponsor with a bill by senator leahy, he in essence decriminalized possession of drugs. last year he led an effort, a rather lonely effort to stop a ban on synthetic drugs. he held up the bill eventually passed by a 96 to 1 vote in the senate. so there are some things that he is not in -- >> bill: why did he do that? most people don't know what that is all about. he was the only voice against. >> actually, he ended up not voting on it. the only vote cast against it. >> bill: why? >> i assume that he didn't believe that we ought to ban the synthetic drugs. and bernie sanders was the
5:17 pm
only member of the congress to actually vote against it. rand paul and two others failed to vote. but he had -- he held up the legislation when it was a stand alone bill sponsored by senator -- democrat of minnesota. a war on drugs is not the only war that he has got some problems with the war on terror. he jumped to the imagination of the american people by taking advantage of a really stupid mistake by eric holder who could not answer the question does the president of the united states have the ability to it unleash a drone attack on some u.s. citizen sitting in a starbucks here in the united states who doesn't pose an imminent threat. the answer to that is no the president doesn't have that authority. eric holder couldn't find a way to answer that rand paul had his famous filibuster. i suspect most all republicans supported senator paul in that filibuster effort because they don't think -- we don't think that the president has that unlimited power. on the other hand, senator paul also believes that we should not have struck
5:18 pm
anwar al-awlaki the u.s. born terrorist, born in new mexico, moved to yemen. was the leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. a u.s. citizen who had joined the al qaeda terrorist network and taken out by a drone strike. >> bill: went in on arrest warrant or some kind of charge before al-awlaki got walked. >> he -- whacked. he said he ought to be brought back to u.s. court. >> bill: he would finesse that a little bit by saying look if you have a warrant and have some kind of lawful authority, then we will talk about it. >> we have lawful authority because this man. >> bill: i understand. i'm putting forth his point of view so everybody knows the clarity of it now, on illegal immigration, again, kes against some prevailing conservative wisdom by providing the so-called pathway to citizenship for illegals who snuck in here. very emotional issue. one the republican party is fragmented about. how do you see his vision there?
5:19 pm
>> well, look, i'm in agreement with him. i think we need to find a way to rationally resolve. this and i frankly admit senator paul and i are in the minority in the republican party on this. on the other hand, senator paul has another interesting angle on this, which is most conservatives, most republicans are in favor of what is called everify. in order to stop illegal immigrants from getting jobs in the future. employers would be required to check everify to verify that they have legal status to hold a judge in the united states. everify getting people on welfare. he doesn't think they ought to be get on welfare everify. he doesn't believe it should be applied it to job seekers. >> bill: is there a reason for that? okay for welfare but not illegal immigrants? >> i can't speak to it either. look, he is a very interesting personality. he doesn't shy away from taking stands. >> bill: is he right out there, that's for sure. >> readily admits some of these things don't cross the normal conservative liberal lines.
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>> bill: you think is he a bonafide contender in 2016? >> absolutely. >> bill: can anyone stop hillary clinton from becoming the next president of the united states? brit hume has some thoughts. bernie goldberg on nbc icons. getting hammered by the media those reports after these messages. [ both ] we're foodies. [ both laughing ] but our plants were starving. [ man ] we love to eat. we just didn't know that our plants did, too. then we started using miracle-gro liquafeed every two weeks. now our plants get the food they need while we water. dinner's ready. come and get it. no oe goes hungry in this house. so they're bigger, healthier, and more beautiful. guaranteed. with miracle-gro anyone can have a green thumb. and a second helping. [ both laughing ] when you feed your plants... everne grows with mirle-gro. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene.
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>> bill: hume zone. hillary clinton came out in support of gay marriage even though she was formerly against it many observers believe that signals she is running for president and i believe that as well. her favorable rating is 63%. just 33% have unfavorable view of her. joining us now from boca row tan, florida, brit
5:24 pm
hume. can anyone anyone stop mrs. clinton. assuming the president stays pretty much the way it is today? >> oh, sure. look. bill, five years ago. nobody thought she could be stopped then. and this guy barack obama, this freshman senator came out of nowhere and beat her now of course having searched as his secretary of state she has the ooutcome of his foreign policy record to date around her neck and consequences of that to deal with all kinds of things could happen. way too early to assure her a clear thing. >> bill: everyone has to acknowledge that her stint of secretary of state perception, not necessarily reality. but perception has been very successful because when two thirds think that she is okay now, that means they like what she did. and that includes some republicans because with it
5:25 pm
thirds much the country isn't democrat. i see her. i'm trying to look at the democratic field. you have guys like andrew cuomo, the governor of new york. o'malley the governor of maryland. they are going to run to her left. all right? they are going to try to knock her out from the left if i had to bleted right now i would bet she is a democratic nominee. >> that's what we all thought a few years ago. >> bill: there is no barack obama in the country unless an illegal alien is going to run. >> we didn't think there was a barack obama then. >> bill: we knew barack obama was sitting in the senate. there is nobody there. >> we knew he was a rising star in the party. we didn't even know for sure when hillary seemed so unbeatable that he was even going to run. when he did everybody thought its his first time out. look, that aside. just too many things that can happen between now and the onset of the real political season to be so
5:26 pm
sure. she is in a strong democratic position in the democratic party. if she runs, she will be a formidable candidate for the nomination. having said that it's a big -- too big a stretch to say she will be some kind of a shoe in. look, if things go badly in the next several years. if the economy doesn't improve. let's assume for the sake of discussion it stays the way it is with persistent high unemployment and sluggish growth and so on. it's not at all clear the country will be in anywhere near ready to elect another democrat. >> bill: maybe so. >> it's hard ever 8 years to win another term for any party. >> bill: you have a couple of wild cards. iran is a big wild card because then we will know whether the obama administration allowed them to have a nuclear weapon. and if they do, all hell is going to break loose everywhere. all right. so that's definitely in play. the economy, i'm not so
5:27 pm
sure -- i was surprised that barack obama won re-election because of the economy. i mean, just for the sake of argument, mitt romney, all right, maybe not the best candidate but, still, a tremendous change he was offering, the governor was offering. tremendous change. people rejected that. and wanted this malaise and this giant colossus spending. maybe this is off othe table forever. maybe the entitlement state which mrs. clinton will embrace is the wave of the future. >> well, bill, look at one other issue that hasn't been directly mentioned and that's obama care. obama care remains unpopular. >> bill: absolutely. >> distinct possibility it will become even more so. she was for major healthcare reform. presumably she was supporter of obama care although as secretary of state she didn't speak about it is she going to repudiate obama care which may still be beloved by democrats but strongly
5:28 pm
disliked by a huge segment of the country. that's an issue that could hamstring any democrat running in 2016. so there is a lot out there a lot logical depend on the rules results. if the policy results are not so good. i'm going out on a limb here because she gets the democratic nomination. i don't see anybody that can challenge her. raise an enormous amount of money. she is going to run. you agree she is going to run unless unforeseen things happen. correct? she had some health issues at the end. all of the things being equal, yeah, i think she is is likely to run, i think she has always wanted to be president. i don't think she has ever lost her passion for it who knows? she will be almost 70. right? >> bill: 70 is the new 40. you know that. you are approaching that. >> so glad to hear you say
5:29 pm
that. >> bill: last week an orange sweater and this week a black sweater. >> that was pink sweater. >> bill: got a lot of mail on it. you are looking more and and more like ozzy nelson and fred mcmurray. combo. i like that look. >> this is just a crew neck. this isn't a cardigan sweater which is what those guys wear. i will try one of those for you. >> bill: i like the ozzy, fred mcmurray kind of imagery. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. did hbo glorify murderer phil spector last night? we will take a look at that growing controversy. math lauer and jay leno getting the stuffed kicked out of them by the media we hope you stay tuned for those reports. g you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >> bill: personal story segment tonight. hobb ran hbo ran a story phil spector. currently serving 19 years to life in a california penitentiary. 2003 the 73-year-old spector apparently murdered an actress named lana clarkson in his hollywood home. the crime was not depicted in the film. instead it was the bizarre spector who was senator stage. >> abraham, martin, and john, 1968 and then they threw away bobby, bobby kennedy. now, we know lincoln freed
5:34 pm
the slaves. dr. king fought for equality john, screwed the nazis by what the hell did bobby do [bleep] teamsters. and ps, teddy kennedy? what in the world had he ever accomplished? his family you can't get your masseuse license. here sit in the senate for 40 years. have fun. a girl shoots herself in my house and that is the legacy my children will live with. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles lead prosecutor in the spector case alan jackson. i watched the movie and the writer david mammoth did what he did was raise doubt as to whether spector actually killed ms. clarkson. he put forth that there was not enough blood on
5:35 pm
spector's shirt for him to have committed the crime close up put the gun in the girl's mouth and pull the trigger and you say to that? >> well, bill, i have it was 2009 when i tried the case. i haven't i can name a half dozen things. that completely ignored or completely got wrong. the blood is just one of them let's stay on the bloods for just a moment. they don't glorify spector. nut self-districting self-loathing guy. the producers and hbo are saying, look. the guy was this close and he put a gun in this girl's mouth, pulled the trigger, blood would have shot out of her nose all over the shirt and it didn't. how do you reply to that?
5:36 pm
he wasn't as interested in the truth. wearing a white jacket that night depicted in the film the fact still remains that there was 17 distinct areas on that jacket that had blood all over it. the left side of the bode diswas basically covered in a mist like spatter pattern that came out of lana clarkson's mouth. the important point is the distance the blood traveled. the blood only traveled, bill, 24 inches. even the defense experts had to agree with me that the blood only traveled about 2 feet from her mouth. it's all over the left side of his jacket. what does that tell you? he was standing within 2 feet at the time the gun was fired. associated with that would be the -- leading edge of his jacket is a bloodstain. the only way his bloodstain could have got therein is if this sleeve was outstretched 2 feet with lawn in clarkz.
5:37 pm
helen murren played the defense attorney and she was raising those questions which weren't answered in the film. one thing was answered in the film. spector himself says the woman put the gun in her mouth in anker rot it particular way. kind of teasing spector when he yelled at her she shot herself. that's what spector. >> i lived with this case day and night for four years. lead prosecutor on the case. i knew every bit of evidence, the defense evidence as well as the prosecution evidence. when i saw that in the movie, i just about dropped my teeth. that was the first time i had ever heard that it was completely made up. 100% fictional. there is zero evidence that that happened. >> bill: that was never
5:38 pm
testimony put forth in the trial? >> nothing. no. never. never. literally creative writing. >> bill: but they do say the hbo film is fiction. last question. is hbo irresponsible for putting that on the air? >> you know, i would love the fact that you posed the question. i think that's the real take away from this. if you are going to produce what's considered and what's sold as a biopic. the lawyers disclaimer notwithstanding, you owe a responsibility to the viewing public to at least try to get it right. i think it was horribly irresponsible of the producers in this case, the producers of this movie to try to sell this as a biopic when it was completely false. in my opinion i think it perpetrated a fraud on 00 viewing public. >> bill: all right. mr. jackson thanks very much for putting forth your point of view. we appreciate it it when we come right back, bernie goldberg on hard times for jay leno and matt lauer. bernie is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. apparently nbc plans to replace jay leno with jimmy fallon next year. the media is hammering leno even though he continues to win the late night ratings race. also today show star matt matt lauer continues to be criticized for that program's slipping ratings
5:43 pm
and the ann curry firing. joining us now is bernard let's take mr. lauer first. do you think this is a fair situation? >> here is what i think. there are a certain number of people out there, actually a lot of people who like gossip. who like to know what's going on behind the scenes and who wonder if matt lower was the reason that an curry got pushed out and broke up the family and by the way if anybody out there thinks the nbc today show people are part of a family, you are really, really naive it's legitimate news to the for me but i don't care. the much bigger issue, bill is that there are more and more i will put the word in quotation marks journalists out there who like to bring people in the media achieve success and make money. so, given the internet, and this is where a lot of this is coming back.
5:44 pm
power. they make very little money. if they can take a shot at somebody making $25 million which is more they than they will make in the next 100 years and this is how they derive their power they are going to do it. it's something relatively knew and not especially attractive. no i believe every famous and wealthy person in the country is a target now. for exactly what you said. i think the mainstream media enables this i. to stay on lauer for a minute. before a major talent is moved off the program there is a lot of major research done by the company it's not a whim. they research people. they find out likes who who is watching whom it's a scientific decision that is made. i have known lauer for years. we worked in new york for years. i am not a buddy or paul of his. i talk from time to time. i never mentioned any
5:45 pm
disenchantment with ann curry as well. when this broke, i saw this as a pure let's get matt lauer play because matt lauer is making a lot of money. that's all it was liberal press joins in even though matt lauer is a liberal. >> right it would have been interesting to read a few more stories about whether ann curry was any good at what she did. i know you are not supposed to say that. >> research showed there were problems there. >> bill: whether she was popular or not among -- because antidotal evidence means nothing when did it change? cronkite when he was in the chair arthur godfrey, all of these people press never went after them. perceptive observation. look in the old days there was walter and luella parsons and even rona
5:46 pm
barrett. they had tremendous power. they could they stuck to hollywood. what's happened since those days is we have an internet. we have cable news. both of these things for whatever do polarize the culture. whether you have people on the internet. what's happened since those days, especially with the internet. is that now, being ironic, which is a nice way of saying being sarcastic or being nasty. being ironic has value. being ironic is important. so, if somebody does a piece. and by the way you are a target. somebody does a peetsd but name and following. somebody else has to be is that snarkier than the first person. >> bill: leno, nbc has always had a disrespectful relationship with leno i think. he makes them a lot of money. is he still really the
5:47 pm
highest ratings getter but they are treating him shabbily, i think. if it were me i would be angry. flus in terms of the myia, i think one of the reasons that the media is not elm am in mored with jay leno, a big part of his audience is in middle america. and elites whether they are in the media or not look down look down their noses at middle america. they think middle america is a barren desert populated by hasies. if leno appeals to those people. >> bill: leno beats letterman but letterman is treated much better. >> he is one of the most important traits. >> bill: letterman is cool to them. >> exactly. that's exactly the word i was going to use. that is the most important trait these days or at least seemingly is if you are cool and hip. so leno -- leno is not seen
5:48 pm
as that letterman is the people who take down people like leno, they want to see themselves as cool and hip. so if you take down the guy who appeals to middle america. or at least gets snarky with the guy who appeals to middle america that makes you in some way cooler and hipper. >> bill: nbc better be careful with the leno deal. maybe they have research on jay that we don't know about. thanks, bernie. adam carolla on deck. is he still angry about the nanny state. especially what's happening with food stamps. carolla moments away. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
5:49 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. our pal adam recently saw an ad touting food services for welfare mothers.
5:52 pm
♪ >> as a busy mom, shopping at a grocery store with my food vouchers is a hassle that's why i shop at mother's nutritional. i present food vouchers to the friendly staff and they do the shopping for me. i love that mother's nutritional center has a large selection of quality fresh fruits and vegetables and super low prices. plus they always carry my groceries to my car. they save my valuable time. mother's nutritional center fast and easy food voucher shopping. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles is adam carolla. what's your beef with that spot? >> my beef is the free beef she is getting that i'm paying for. but i'm sort of over that the fact that she doesn't have to shop herself and they even bring it out to the car for her for this close to just having, what, people eat the food and then pass it for you as well? i mean, we give you the food, then we get you the food, then we bring it out
5:53 pm
to the family truck for you? how about you get off your ass, get a job, earn some money, buy your own food. and what kind of example are you setting for your family? and, here's really what i object to. it's not that certain people don't need help from us and the government. it's that when you give too many people help, they start to atrophy. when you go to outerspace and you are going to spend a lot of time out irspace at a space station part of the problem is bone atrophy and muscle mass loss because there is no resistance. you don't have resistance in outerspace. you remove all the resistance you atrophy and then we just got a bunch of super skinny astronauts. >> bill: all right. now, this commercial, basically is encouraging families that receive food stamps to come to this facility because the facility will make it easy for them to cash their food
5:54 pm
stamps in. that's what this is primarily about. all right. now, you come from a family that did get food stamps. correct? so you -- you are bringing a personal note into this. explain that a little bit. >> well, i just know that a person is capable of doing almost everything. and same person is capable of doing nothing. and if you deliver the food to them, or you deliver the dwelling to them or whatever you are delivering to them, meaning you go through life there there is no adversity and you you don't have to get up in the morning and go to work. you essentially live in a gravity free environment with all tgand tang you can handle, well, you are going to atrophy and you are not going to get any stronger. my mom got food stamps and we lived off of food stamps and we waited for her food stamps to come twice a month instead of go out and look for a job.
5:55 pm
>> bill: did she ever discuss that with you? had was her attitude about getting the assistance from other people? >> her att day when i said to her from the mouth of babes. i just said mom, why don't you just get a job and then we wouldn't have to do all of this? and she said if i get a job i will lose my welfare. and she really should have just handed me a pack of cigarettes at that point because it's probably the worse thing you could do to a 9-year-old. but i learned at that point this is valuable. i don't have the white privileged guilt that many other people in the media have. i understand what it is like to be on the dole. it doesn't make these people any stronger. you hobble these people. you take away the one thing they have which is dignity and the ability to pull themselves out of this myer and they can't because you have atrophied their muscles by doing everything for them. >> what was it about your mother that didn't see what
5:56 pm
you see? >> she got sucked into the system. she was depressed. she didn't feel like working and she didn't have to work. i mean, how many million people are on food stamps in this country, 50 million? how many of them would go hungry if we cut them off? none? 5? 13? i mean, out of 50 million. how many would literally go hungry if we cut them off that program? >> well, a lot of them would go to other programs, voluntary programs and things like that. but i get your point. >> or neighbors or friends or family. >> bill: right. in mexico, there is no welfare. no food stamps. now, a lot of them are -- mexicans want to come here but nobody is starving to death in the streets. so, your point is well taken there. carolla, thanks very much as always. factor tip of the day about anderson cooper and crocodiles. the tip 60 seconds away.
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5:59 pm
while americans are paying far more taxes than anybody else. progressive believe that individual wealth is subject to the whims of government. they don't respect person property. from pennsylvania. here in philadelphia the murder trial is being reported by the local media and far more reaction from the michael vick story. baton rouge, louisiana, please don't call butchers abortion doctors. the hippocratic oath prohibits abortion. for the record only 14% of american ob-gob-gyn's say they' perform abortions. and a crucial point, todd. because primarily the obama administration has